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Toroidal Core Manufacturing Equipment

Cortech Toroidal Core Production Equipment

The PDC600 Powered Strip De-coilerThe PDC600 Powered Strip De-coiler

The PDC600 De-coiler sets new standards in controlled feed of GOSS strip to its associated KT2000 winding machines. Using a vertical head of 250 kg capacity it is ruggedly built on a robust floor stand. The unit features a three-jaw coil holding head mounted on a horizontal shaft, an integral self-centring facility and an easily removed outer guard ring.

Driving power to the head is supplied by a powerful 2.2 kw variable speed a/c. Geared motor directly mounted on the main shaft. The rate of delivery of the steel strip is governed by the use of the highly sensitive yet robust 'dancer' arm which precisely controls the speed of the motor via a frequency controller.

The PDC600 Powered Strip De-Coiler comes with the KT2000 at standard.

As well as supplying production equipment, Cortech will also be pleased to give on site assistance with installation, commissioning and staff training in the use of all the machinery in our range.

We would be pleased to answer any questions you may have. Many custom design features are available to suit your production requirements.

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